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Women’s Division

 Lunch & Learn with Professor Jacqueline Osherow

 Lunch & Learn has been led by the very energetic, thought provoking and inspirational, Professor Jacqueline Osherow on the discussion of Bible as Literature and how it relates to our contemporary lives. Jacqueline Osherow is a distinguished English professor at the University of Utah and a poet. We've been meeting in different homes and bring potluck dishes per the host's request. Typically, we send out an Evite before the event and ask to RSVP. Friends are Welcome!

 Sponsors:  We would like to thank our 2014-15 Sponsors, who make this series possible: Linda Brownstein, Tamara Bush, Ruth Davidson, Cathy Goldman, Donna Gordon, Nancy Greenberg, Rona Greenwald, Barbara Gural-Steinmetz, Mary Haskins, Cindy Jacobs, Pam Kantrowitz, Debra Kasirer, Eileen Kweller, Shari Levitin, Sharon Liese, Judith Meshorer-Linsey, Robin Schwarz, Diane Siegel, and Beano Solomon.

Please contact Ruth Davidson ( or our new co-chair Judith Meshorer-Lindsey ( to RSVP, get food assignment and be added to the future emailing list.





Next meetings:  

We are excited to continue with our study emphasizing the role of women in the Bible, with the story of Ruth, in the book of Ruth. Please remember to bring your Bible book (not just the Torah book).

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at the home of Samantha (Sam) Simon, Park City

Future dates: November 4, December 2, 2014. If you are interested in hosting a meeting in your home, please let us know.

Cost: No cost...but a donation to the Women's Philanthropy of the Utah Federation is appreciated. To make a donation online go to and click on "Donate now" at the right hand column.  Just let us know you want to be a sponsor so we can recognize your gift as such. Thank you!

Ruth Davidson & Judith meshorer-Linsey

For information and location please call Drora at or (801) 581-0102.

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  How It All Began
Jody Gross met Ruth Davidson in August 2008 at a concert at Deer Valley. They realized that they were going to Israel on the same United Jewish Communities General Assembly trip in November.

Realizing that there are many women who might be interested, Jody and Ruth saw a very exciting opportunity to create a venue for Jewish women to network and connect with each other through educational, community service and tzedakah through United Jewish Federation.
Twenty Five women attended the first meeting at the home of Sheri and Richard Jaffa, on January 29, 2009.
Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, President of the Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, stressed the importance of women to meet together when he presented his topic of “Jewish Women – Breaking Boundaries,” giving examples of Jewish women who created better realities for humanity and the Jewish faith. 

Together with the energetic thought provoking and inspirational professor Jacqueline Osherow, on April 22, 2009, the Jewish Federation Women’s Division gathered for a Lunch and Learn to celebrate Earth Day and the role of women in the first chapter of the Bible at the home of Jody Gross.