The United Jewish Federation of Utah in collaboration with Keshet, is proud to announce a community-wide initiative, that trains, provides resources for, and support for our local Jewish institutions to enhance our inclusiveness of LGBTQ families & individuals.
The year-long project kicks off with a daylong summit on Tuesday, October 17th at the Jewish Community Center. Teams from across our Jewish community will come together for training and education with the goal of developing tools and strategies to build competencies around ensuring we are a safe, welcoming and inclusive community.


The Keshet Leadership Project is a year-long multi-phased program that gathers, trains, provides resources for, and supports Jewish institutions to become more inclusive of LGBTQ individuals and families. The Project kicks of on October 17th, with the Keshet Leadership Summit!


Keshet is a national organization that works for full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in all facets of Jewish life— synagogues, Hebrew schools, day schools, youth groups, summer camps, social-service organizations and other communal agencies. Through training, community organizing and resource development, it partners with clergy, educators and volunteers to equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to be effective agents of change.


Train for LGBTQ inclusion - Create safe space for LGBTQ teens and allies - Build community for LGBTQ Jews - Support families - Produce Jewish LGBTQ resources - Fight for LGBTQ civil rights


We believe that in order to bring about long-term, sustainable change, we must work in partnership with community leaders to identify our own priorities, strategies and paths to inclusion. This community-driven model informs all of our work, from our social events to our educational training's.


Prior to the Community kick-off on October 17th, participating institutions are asked to complete an institutional self-assessment, evaluating the current inclusiveness of their policies, programs, and organizational culture.


Participants experience interactive exercises that help them connect issues of LGBTQ inclusion to their own story and values. Participants will receive an introduction to Keshet resources that grounds the work of LGBTQ inclusion in Jewish text and values.


Every community leader and institutional team members are coached to draft an action plan with concrete objectives and a timetable for implementing the programs and materials learned into the work of their home institution. These action plans are an essential part of the learning and skills-building that the collaborative Leadership Summit offers.


Following the Leadership Summit, teams receive specialized coaching over the course of a year to help them carry out their action plans. In addition, Keshet’s Network is available to leaders to deepen the institution’s capacity for action inclusion.