• It may be beat up and hasn't been serviced in years, but if your vehicle has wheels, it could help!

Vehicle Donation


Please have your VIN number, mileage and title before beginning this process. Vehicle donations are tax deductible up to $500, or the vehicle’s actual sales price, whichever is higher.


How do I donate my vehicle?

Simply contact Alex Shapiro at (801) 581-0102 or ashapiro@shalomutah.org for more details.

How quickly can you tow away my vehicle?

It typically takes 2-5 business days after United Jewish Federation of Utah receives your donation. 

Will you accept my vehicle?

We accept any vehicle that has not been parted out, as long as it has a clean title and inflated tires.

Will I get a tax deduction?

The tax deduction generally applies to those who itemize deductions on their Form 1040 federal tax return. The amount of the deduction depends on the actual sale price of the vehicle. Donors can claim a $500 deduction if the gross sales price of the vehicle is $500 or less at auction. If the vehicle sells for greater than $500, the actual sales price can be claimed as the deduction. Please check with a tax professional regarding your personal tax benefit.

What IRS forms will I need?

What if I can’t find my title?

If your vehicle is titled in Utah, print and complete the Application for Duplicate Title. If your vehicle was titled in another state, we must have a replacement title from that state (check that state’s DMV website to find out how to get a duplicate title).

Whom do I contact to answer questions?

To ensure the best possible service, please contact Alex Shapiro at (801) 581-0102 or ashapiro@shalomutah.org.