Helping Those in Need - Ukraine

In the past 12 months, our community has stepped up to support refugees in very significant ways. In December 2021, you responded to an appeal asking for support of the Afghan Refugees that were being relocated to Utah. In a short time, $50,000 was raised and was split evenly between Catholic Community Services and the International Rescue Committee; two wonderful agencies who support the resettlement of Refugees in Utah.

As the calendar turned to 2022, and the unfortunate war in the Ukraine broke out, you stood up and responded with heartfelt financial support for those in Ukraine’s Jewish community. Nearly $300,000 was raised to help with food, medicine, lodging, social service care, resettlement and so much more. The funds raised here were directed through the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) for their immediate use on the ground.

In April 2022, our Executive Director, Alex Shapiro, and Board Chair, Jodie Sobel, visited the Ukraine / Poland border to bear witness to the situation, and brought with them over 700 pounds of medical supplies donated by our community.