How do you recognize an Israeli in Utah?

How do you recognize an Israeli in Utah?

by Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha


One obvious way to recognize an Israeli would be to look at their shoes. Israelis usually wear Blundstone boots or when the weather warms up, some sort of sandals like Chacos and Tevas, but Utahns also are known to wear chacos as soon as it stops snowing. 


So i guess to recognize an Israeli in Utah try a few of these steps:

  1. Try talking to them - If they are Israeli you will hear their accent right away! Also, Israelis love to talk to strangers and they can talk a TON!

  2. Drop by the Specialty Market in Midvale, UT. Trust me, if you someone is buying turkish coffee by Elite, they are 100% ISRAELI!

  3. Meet one, that's all you need, and they will lead you to the rest!! Israelis travel in hurds! If you hear someone speaking hebrew in the street, follow the sound and it will lead you to the others!

  4. Try the Israeli food truck, Yalla, in Heber,UT.  The food is great and make friends with those around you as they will likely be your next tour guides to Masada (the mountain near the Dead Sea in Israel.)

  5. Follow the smell of schnitzel - I have never met an Israeli who thinks someone can make better schnitzel then their mom.

  6. Go to the mall and look for someone selling Dead Sea products, they are always around! I think the products are great and you can make some fun new Israeli friends!

  7. When you are skiing, listen for people speaking Hebrew. Usually there are a couple sitting at a table but more will join them. Hang around until you meet them all!


All of the above is said with love and humor!

But really, no one makes better schnitzels than my mother!