Israeli Elections #4

Israeli Elections #4

by: Talia Goldberg, community shlicha


So a few things happened this week, and one of them was that I got to vote (number 4 in a row in the past year and half) in the Israeli elections. Honestly, I didn't know who I was going to vote for or even who was running until I looked it up online the night before. I still don't know what anyone’s chances are to win but I guess it's like watching season 4 of some show. You don’t know what is going to happen in the show but the internet tells you there will be another season but, spoiler alert, the same guy from last season wins.


I am sure you still remember the US elections; the fear of who will win, the excitement, the every vote matters, the counting, and the waiting for each state to tell us what votes came in. Will my ballet come in the mail? Did my ballot get counted? It was very exciting, and VERY stressful.

Now imagine that 4 times in a row! In an 18 month period!! The first time was exciting. The second time I believed I could make a change. The third, well, that’s when I start to think my vote wasn’t making a difference. And now the fourth time? Can you imagine?


As an Israeli young adult, I really want to care. Israel is my home, and my future. Israel is the country where I gave 3 years of my life to military service, and I gave an extra year out of love and duty to my country. I spent all of my last year in high school in a commune up north volunteering in the periphery just because I love Israel. And I will always love the land, the people, the views, and the culture. The job I have now, schlicha for Israel in Utah, is due to my love of Israel. But how much can you keep giving and loving and putting your country in front of yourself? You want to say forever, because Israel is the only Jewish home on the planet. But should there be a limit?  I believe Israel needs a change, I don’t think the country can continue with the same leadership forever.  I see my Israel as having a lack of leadership, with an interest only for the elite society. How long will the rest of society have to wait for its turn to be the focus?


I believe Israel needs a change in leadership. I believe Israelis need to find a real way to make a change, because it feels like my vote really doesn't count.