New Podcast for Talia Goldberg

New Podcast for Talia Goldberg


About 2 months ago, my friend Avia Sagron and I had an idea. We thought we should make a podcast that talks about places in the USA and in Israel that have the same names. Specifically, places that are in Utah and New Hampshire, where Avia is a shlicha like me in with the Jewish Federation in New Hampshire.


We were so excited about this idea so we started to write a script for our podcast. We wrote the first episode. And wrote it again. And again. And then edited it again. And again. And again. And then we recorded it once, and twice. Then the editing began. So we edit it once, twice, and three times. And by the time we finished editing, it sounded like a big blob of words.


We were both pretty proud of our podcast because we put about 8 hours of work into it but it still had some things we couldn't even recognize. For example, I can not pronounce sepulcher. Also, I never knew I talk out of my nose but I definitely know that now.


So after a really long time of working and working and working and working on our podcast some more, we finally released it. And you guys have been so amazing about it! Avia and I have both been getting amazing reactions. Our Facebook page, “history of the name,” got way more “likes” than we expected, and the podcast itself has so many more listeners than we anticipated.


Apparently, all this hard work and the time we put in were all worth it. I want to say thank you so much from both of us for all of the support! Can't wait for all of you to hear the next episode!


Working on this has been hard work but it's been amazingly rewarding for me. I really feel like I connect with the land I am living in while at the same time connecting to the land where I am from and I hope this podcast makes you guys feel the same.