Passover with my Progeny by Candace Swift

Passover with my Progeny

The table, perfectly set, was beautiful. The real treasure, however, was the PJ Library Haggadah. This gem walked me and my husband through the most meaningful and magical seder with our children.

Lighting the holiday candles with a blessing started the very different night, from all the other nights.

My precious children, 6 and 4, each got blessings.

The lovely ritual in placing hands on the child’s head, asking God in quiet tones to keep them safe. To shine his light upon them and grace their life.

Those simple yet powerful words hold such weight. It is no wonder why parents are encouraged to bless their children. This sweet benediction truly blesses both parent and child.

In the pages that followed, the Haggadah had rich wonderful experiences. My children were curious. The four questions asked by my youngest reflected their growing interest. In this curiosity, on this different night, there was an overarching reverence to each phase of the seder. They had fun and they behaved.

Grape juice and wine were happily swallowed. Time and time again.

Purchased finger puppets of the twelve plagues was another favorite as the story of Moses was shared. Little fingers held up frogs, flies, darkness . . . giggles and smiles helped bring the story to life. They understood how each affliction added to the suffering of the Hebrews in the constant plea of wanting to be free from slavery.

Washing the chubby hands of my babes, with the blessing was another tender moment.

My children participated in every step of the way. They jumped out of their seats to find the Afikoman and gobble it down once it was found.

Elijah’s cup that was decorated days before with sparkly gems was filled with wine, and the door was opened.

This night was indeed different from other nights. It was a gift.

My first seder with my family with many to follow. Shalom.

-Candace Swift