PJ Library: From A Global Pandemic Until Today

PJ Library 33%

PJ Library books and events have been a blessing for our family as we have navigated the challenges of raising a toddler in a new state during a global pandemic. With limited options for in-person gathering in 2020 and no network of local Jewish friends, the arrival of each polka dot-covered book helped us feel connected to our community in a new way. Amid all the strangeness and stress of the pandemic, having books magically arrive at our doorstep not only brought a smile, it meant one less thing we had to figure out - freeing up valuable mental bandwidth for everything else. And as the books always came just in time for the next holiday, they helped ground our family in the rhythm of the year at a time when our experience of passing time and regular routine was highly disrupted. Now that in-person activities have returned, monthly PJ gatherings have become an important date on our family calendar. We have nurtured friendships with other young families at these events, and, importantly, helped our daughter develop a positive association with Jewish community life. Running into familiar PJ families at Tot Shabbat services, playgrounds around town, and our preschool has helped us feel more at home in our new city. We are incredibly grateful to Yahelle Yaccoby, the United Jewish Federation of Utah, and everyone behind the opportunities PJ Library presents for families in Salt Lake! 

-Robin Meyer, PJ Library Parent

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