PJ Library's Impact on Our Family

We love PJ Library! Their program has been an invaluable resource for our family for nearly 8 years. They have provided an easy, informal, and genuinely profound way for us to connect with our children on Jewish values and culture. We're a mixed-faith family living a few states away from our Jewish relatives. PJ Library has had a significant influence on how we've shaped and prioritized our own family traditions. We've undoubtedly integrated more elements from Judaism than we otherwise would, using PJ Library's materials and support. Our kids get excited when they see their special PJ Library envelopes waiting for them in the mailbox each month. The curated books are inclusive, vibrant, and fun stories that spark engagement. They come complete with supplemental notes for parents and, occasionally, a neat craft idea that ties into the theme. Beyond the books, we've also been encouraged to participate in a few Jewish community events and host several holiday gatherings with friends. 


On the whole, PJ Library is a steadfast and accessible medium that our kids continue to use to learn about their heritage. Judaism is a very important part of our children's identity, so we are grateful that PJ Library has helped them understand why and how they can be proud and celebrate it.

- Whitney Wilde Naideth, PJ Library Parent

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