Press Release: Antisemitism Reaches New Heights in Utah


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Antisemitism Reaches New Heights in Utah


SALT LAKE CITY – March 6, 2024  The United Jewish Federation of Utah is alarmed by the escalation of events in Utah that have normalized hate speech, exclusion, and intimidation of the Jewish community in Utah.  Things are getting worse for Jews in Utah

Recent public social media comments by the local business Weathered Waves, seeks to ban members of our community from their business based on national, ethnic, and ideological lines. The Federation has reported this to Federal, State and Local justice. We have made It clear that denying service to any person based on perceived national origin, religion, or belief, violates Civil Rights laws at all levels.

In the guise of Anti-Zionist rhetoric this business owner is demonizing those who believe in the right of existence of a Jewish state as well as applying a double standard to Israel and our community. The results of these acts have led to direct threats upon members of our community.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other organizations, including the U.S. Department of State, recognize that anti-Zionist rhetoric can and is often used in the context of antisemitic acts. Unchecked bias that is “normalized” contributes to a pattern of accepting discrimination, violence, and injustice in society.

We condemn the biased policy of Weathered Waves and the escalation of hate that it stokes in Utah, not only on behalf of our community but all Utahns. No group should be banned from a local business based on their perceived or real identity or beliefs. 

We call on our friends and allies to stand with us and to speak out and stand up against hate. 

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