Remaining full of light and love

Remaining full of light and love

By Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha


I had a friend say to me recently, that she doesn’t like when people tell her that “before covid…”, this happened or that happened. She really feels that at this point it's been long enough and that it's not relevant anymore since we have been living like this for eight months. And I agree with that, since we all remember life before, but we need to move forward and try to find new paths and new ways in the world.


Yes, there are things that worked so well last year, and also for me covid took away so much of the advantage I had at being a shlicha. For me, the fact that I love to feed people and talk to them is really important. It is super hard to reach people from over a screen, but even with that, I just feel like the focus is now needing to reach out one by one. Each outreach needs to be meaningful for each friend at a time, for each student at a time.


My second year here has begun, and I am no longer able to tell myself that I don't know what to do because I am new, or because there's a worldwide pandemic that ruined all our plans. And that's not something I ever wanted to tell myself.


I have so many hopes and dreams for the coming year, so many ideas and so much motivation to make an impact in the Jewish community here in Utah. I feel so grateful that the Jewish community has made such a strong impact on me. I got lucky to have met so many people in person before the pandemic, and I hope I’ll get lucky to meet them in person again once we get to have a more normal life. We make little changes, we reach people where we can, and most of all, we know we are here for each other.


The Jewish new year is already here, and the other new year is approaching. I guess this is a good time to let the light fill us up, with Hanukkah coming closer and all the world's other festive and light-filled holidays. You know, they say, it's always darkest before dawn. I guess 2020 keeps hitting us with more and more but we can hope that if we remain full of light and love, 2021 will be great and nothing can bring us down.