Join us for our Annual Summer Party!

The United Jewish Federation of Utah is thrilled to announce that the annual Summer Party will once again be taking place in August of this year.
Designed as the Federation's more casual sister event to the annual Ben Gurion gala in Salt Lake City, the Summer Party aims to both develop and strengthen ties within Utah’s vibrant Jewish community, creating a space to mingle amongst a host of full-time and part-time Utah residents. We are excited to provide the Utah Jewish community once again with the opportunity to get involved in Federation and learn more about our mission: to build and sustain a vibrant Jewish Community that: cares for those in need; deepens engagement in Jewish life; and strengthens bonds among Jews in Utah, Israel, and throughout the world. So, whether you are eager to learn how you can contribute and participate in our fundraising efforts, want to meet local Jews, or simply build new memories with old friends over dinner and drinks in a stunning event facility, be sure to RSVP for what is sure to be an evening full of meaningful conversation and new friends.
Don’t wait to purchase tickets -- last year’s Summer Party, “Reunited and It Feels So Good,” sold out in one week, with 185 attendees and a full waiting list. Last year we hosted people from all over the state - Park City, Salt Lake City, and even as far away as St. George at the gorgeous Promontory Double Deer clubhouse. Everyone was clearly excited to mix and mingle again after two years of online Zoom events, and it showed! With a fantastic turnout of locals and visitors alike, last year’s Summer Party was an evening to remember, and we are excited to replicate the festive energy once more.
Whether you are new to the community, a veteran, or simply stopping by, make sure to add the Summer Party to your August plans. Purchase your tickets in advance for what is sure to be a beautiful August footnote to another stunning Park City summer.
In a time when the world seems to become more divided with each passing day, it is more important now than ever to create a space for togetherness, a space to celebrate our shared culture and our impact both within and beyond the Jewish community. Let’s celebrate the diversity of our backgrounds and beliefs while coming together as one!

Kind regards,
Jodie Sobel

Board Chair
United Jewish Federation of Utah