Talking to Your Kids About Antisemitism

School is back in session. No doubt you've been busy getting your children ready with new shoes, backpacks and pencils. One thing that is often not on our back-to-school checklist, however, is preparing our children for antisemitic comments, symbols or bullying at school.
While these discussions may seem difficult initially, the most important part of the conversation is letting your children know that they can talk to you about anything, even antisemitism. 
PJ Library has curated resources to support parents in having this courageous conversation with their children (5-11). For children 12 and older, please look at this Family Conversation created by the Anti-Defamation League, which supports parents hearing their children's understanding of and possible responses to antisemitism.
If you would like more information or resources, please reach out to Associate Director Liz Paige at
We hope you will join us at the JCC on Sunday, October 15 at 3 PM to hear from and talk with our regional ADL Education Director Shereen Bhallah and Interim Director Teresa Drenick. More information to come.