Top 10 ways to celebrate Christmas when you are Jewish

Top 10 ways to celebrate Christmas when you are Jewish, but your grandmother is Catholic:

written by Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha


1. Try visiting her, then luckily you won't have to do all the hard work like trying to translate German cookie recipes (weihnachten plätzchen mit butter und zimt). Also, she will make many types of Christmas wine that will be consumed during the German tradition of drinking with your family all day.


2. If you can't visit your grandmother, move to this step. Get a tree and start trying grandmothers cake recipes a month before so you know it's going to work on the day itself. After all, gaining your Oma’s experience doesn't come over one night.


3. Realize you will never be Oma and decide to create your own theme and tradition.


4. Give all your friends baked goods and send pictures to your Oma who doesn't believe her granddaughter can bake.


5. Give up again and decide to switch to a movie night to honor Christmas like your Jewish dad does.


6. Always watch the Monty Python movie, Life With Brian, because what is life without laughing at it a little.


7. Ask yourself once more why is Thanksgiving on Thursday and not on Wednesday night? Christmas is celebrated the night before Christmas day as are all the Jewish holidays. So, shouldn’t Thanksgiving be on a Wednesday night?


8. Realize you celebrate the Jewish American way and just go out for Chinese dinner.


9. Come home and turn out the little lights on your Christmas plant and ask yourself why are holidays so important to you?


10. Call your Oma and tell her you love her and miss her, and tell her that you wish you didn’t need to consider steps 2-10 and that were just with her celebrating the holiday - and for that I would be thankful.