Why Am I A Lion...in Two Communities?

I feel it is so true… to whom much has been given, much is expected. I just have always felt it was a gift to be able to choose to give away my time and treasure. My mother and father were always involved in their community, so I guess I have learned from their example. Federation continues to be an important part of making a strong Jewish community. I have always felt it was an important organization to support in EVERY town I live in.

Currently, I am an endowed Lion in Tucson, Arizona, and in Utah. I became a Lion when I was in my early 40s because my mother said… ‘you and your sisters should all become Lions and we are all going to go on a mission together.’ That was truly a pivotal part of my philanthropic path! My mother aways said, ‘If you don’t take care of your fellow Jews…no one else will. It is our job!! Others before us sacrificed so we can have a wonderful life today. It is OUR turn to take the lead and give others a helping hand.’

I am so proud to be a Jew, and proud to see the strides our Utah Jewish community has made over the last almost 18 years I have lived in Park City. I now only live in Utah part time, but the talent and passion of the new leadership is fantastic. Jump on the bandwagon and get involved.

Join me! I promise it will be a fantastic experience and you can know you are doing, in some small way, what those before probably sacrificed to give us the freedom and socioeconomic mobility we enjoy today.

  • Jody Gross, January 2022