Why a Woman Should Give an Individual Gift?
The Woman's Campaign division, led Dr. Karen Palayew is an integral and important part of the Annual Campaign. Yet, there are many women who say, “We give as a family.” Why should each woman give a separate gift?

BECAUSE we are individuals. We have the ability to demonstrate our personal commitment to Jewish life by making our own pledge. We are asserting ourselves in all fields of endeavour and should not abdicate responsibility in the vital area of philanthropy.

BECAUSE many women have access to more resources than ever.
We are managing the finances of the largest spousal and generational transfer of wealth ever.

BECAUSE your individual and our collective women’s gifts matter.
Annually, nearly three quarters of a million dollars from women’s individual gifts play a major role in meeting the needs of Jews in Ottawa, in Israel and throughout the world.

BECAUSE we impact Jewish political power.
Your individual pledge is an essential vote for Jewish survival – one that reverberates through the heart of our community.

We have a choice. We can either hope that someone else will do it OR we can ensure the vitality of world Jewry ourselves. Our individual gift will affect the vitality of the community in which we – and our children and grandchildren – live.

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