Jewish Federation's Impact 


A central role of the Jewish Federation of Utah in our community is to honor the six million Jews, and millions of others, who were murdered by the Nazis, and engage in memorial and educational programs to remember the Holocaust and to share its critical lessons. Join us in our effort to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and bring attention to the alarming resurgence of antisemitism in the US and around the world.

Holocaust Education

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Foundation (ABMF), together with its institutional partners launched the Auschwitz Legacy Fellowship–a year-long program for high school teachers from all over the United States. Our mission, along with the ABMF, is to secure the preservation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and to seek Jewish voices of leadership for the future.

Standing Up to Antisemitism

While those who represent and support the Federation represent diverse Jewish religious practices, political perspectives, and backgrounds, we are united in our determination to combat the rise of antisemitism along with other manifestations of hate.


Get Involved

Just as the scourge of antisemitism is evolving, so must our efforts to combat it also evolve. We must become more diligent, more creative, and more resolute. We must remain unified on calling out and fighting antisemitism in all of its forms. This pivotal moment requires a renewed focus from us all, one that begins with reactivating our community in the face of this resurgent historic challenge.


Connect With Israel

Check out how as a Federation we celebrate and support Israel’s culture, art, food, music, people, and more throughout the year to foster a meaningful connection with Israel in our Utah community. 




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