More Reasons To Like Israel

More Reasons To Like Israel By Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha



There is nothing that makes Israelis more proud than Israeli international recognition. For example, I think that's the reason Israelis are obsessed with Eurovision or that Israelis couldn't be more in love with Gal Gadot. (I mean, yes, Gal is the prettiest, cutest and nicest woman that exists anywhere, but still.)


In the past weeks, Israel has got some more good reasons to be proud. The first reason was the Israelis' performances in the European championship in climbing. Two of the Israeli climbers made it to the 5th and 7th spot in the whole competition and we are very proud of them for that. This was supposed to be the first year that climbing was supposed to be a part of the Olympics and it looks like the Israeli team is going to make an entrance.


The second reason is linoy Ashram. I don't know if you have heard but he is the first no-Russian  that won the European championship in gymnastics since 1997, and we are all so excited. Because of that, the Israeli team made it to second place!


The third reason is Judo. We all know Israelis are good at Judo but in the European championship we won 2 medals! Peter Paltchik won the gold medal and Tal Flicker won a silver medal. We are so proud!


I think Israelis are so obsessed with International recognition because we all feel like brothers. It's always “we” did it, not a specific person who did it. There’s something in each Israeli that makes us feel related, and who wouldn’t want to be proud of a relative doing good. I also think that because Israel is so small, all of us just feel the need to prove ourselves to the world! Luckily, we usually do!