The Federation Blog

Our Goal for creating this blog is to give the Utah Jewish community a platform to have their voices heard. Topics for the blog will range from What does being Jewish mean for local individuals, parenting Jewish, favorite recipes to local & global frustrations with the Jewish community.


Compassion & Generosity

Written by: Alex Shapiro


Motivated by the Jewish tenants of Chesed and Tzedakah – compassion and generosity – and a love for travel, 17 Utah Federation Donors embarked for a weeklong mission to Russia on October 12, 2019. While there, the group was immersed in many historical sights…

TV & Jewish Identity

Written By Elana Fauth


Once when I was a kid, I planted myself in front of the TV for my regular viewing of my favorite show, Arthur. In this episode, the characters were going to hang out at a bowling alley, but Francine was facing a problem. She was supposed to go to her cousin's bar …

Fall Apple Cake Recipe

Written By Danielle Feldman Karr


The break-fast eaten after Yom Kippur is a fun time to gather together with friends and family while devouring delicious foods. Whether the break-the-fast dinner you attended this week had a few guests or dozens, the menu probably boasted tasty classic …

Is Sukkot the Most Utahn Jewish Holiday?

Written by Charlie Saginaw


Just on the other side of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipper, the more light-hearted “Sukkot” is a breath of fresh air compared to the solemn repentance of the High Holidays. I like Sukkot for the same reasons I like Utah, you spend time in crisp fall air eating…

Why It’s Important for me to be Active in the Utah Jewish Community

Written by

Brad Dickter


I moved to Utah to ski and was fortunate enough to have a job that supported me working remotely. With no existing contacts in Utah and working from home, it would be a painful, difficult chore to meet new people. I’m an extrovert, and I crave social outlets, …