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Our Goal for creating this blog is to give the Utah Jewish community a platform to have their voices heard. Topics for the blog will range from What does being Jewish mean for local individuals, parenting Jewish, favorite recipes to local & global frustrations with the Jewish community.


Reflections on the Auschwitz Legacy Fellowship

We wanted to share our incredible gratitude for the life-changing opportunity the United Jewish Federation of Utah provided us with this summer. We were able to build personal connections to the history of the Holocaust which we will share with students for years to come. It shaped the way w…

Give Where You Live

Chicagoans Michele and Joe Wein, both have long family traditions of Jewish community involvement and met as members of the UJA National Young Leadership Cabinet. Tzedakah is a natural part of their lives and inspired their involvement in both the Los Angeles and Chicago Jewish Federations.

UJFU Responds to Hateful Incident at BYU Athletic Event


Dr. Jay Jacobson, Chair, Antisemtism Task Force,United Jewish Federation of Utah
Alex Shapiro, Executive Director, United Jewish Federation of Utah
Ron Zamir, Chair, Community Relations Committee, United Jewish Federation of Utah
Luna Banuri, Executive Director, Uta…

Camp Ometz Reflections

We’re pretty sure we won the lottery as the first family to participate in Camp Ometz at the National Abilities Center (NAC) in early August.  The experience was one where dreams came true.

We are a family that has always loved the outdoors and have struggled for years to share this toge…

Men's Night Out: Building Friendship and Community

MEN’S NIGHT OUT - Building Friendships and Community

This long-time program strives to create community through educational, personal, and social presentations and discussions. These monthly gatherings have fostered personal relationships, long-lasting friendships, and a connection to our…