Shabbat in Las Vegas

Shabbat in Las Vegas

by: Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha


My first thought driving into Las Vegas, Nevada was OH NO, a big American city, there's going to be lots of traffic here! I need to turn around and drive back home! But I have made plans and reservations so I should stay and see what happens.

Before I drove to Vegas for the weekend, my boyfriend thought Shabbat in Vegas sounded hilarious! Vegas to him seemed like the opposite of calm, quiet and introspective which he has come to associate with Shabbat. When I arrived for my first visit to Vegas, I understood why my boyfriend had these thoughts. My next thought was do people really need this much to be happy? 

After walking down the Vegas Strip, I think I understand why Americans don't feel the need to travel outside the US. Just go to Vegas and you can visit Paris, Venice and New York all within a mile of each other. No need to pay more than the extremely cheap flight to Las Vegas, right?

Does this insanely huge, amazingly shiny place need a separate equally huge team of people to support it. The streets of the Strip seemed too clean in a very suspicious way. so I wondered, how many people, getting paid minimum wage, does it take to make this flashy over-the-top kind of place happen?

I have determined that there are 5 things in Nevada worth seeing: Las Vegas, Reno, Burning Man, The Hoover Dam and the Great Basin National Park. If you have a different opinion, please try and change my mind. I am glad I went to Vegas once, but trust me, you'll have to pay me to go again.